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    Why roof waterproofing?

    Roof waterproofing is an important and in-demand service, especially in urban areas. All kinds of services have come up from different contractors from using various materials, advanced technology, and even eco-friendly solutions.

    You get several benefits when you waterproof your roof. Using different waterproofing systems have their own benefits, with each coating material having to bring their own features. There are coatings in the market that protect both your roof from leaking water and reflects UV rays to keep your home cooler during the summertime.

    Waterproofing solutions have also been used to recover older roofs that have been damaged by wear and tear over the years. You have to learn more about different aspects of roof waterproofing to choose the right system for your home or commercial building.

    Steps before applying roof waterproofing

    Clean the surroundings of your roof before you try to apply waterproofing solutions. Any trees or branches close to its should be cut and removed to avoid falling leaves, broken branches, and other materials from affecting it.

    Insulation should also be a top priority because you don’t want a roof that would not be able to disperse heat efficiently. This makes your home cooler because heat will not easily penetrate your home during sunny days.

    Steps to waterproof roof

    1. Clean it. The surface of your room should be free from dirt or debris because any sealant will not fully cover your room if there are other materials on it. The full adhesive effect of the sealant should stick nicely if you clean the surface thoroughly.
    2. Repair it. Roofs that are damaged should be repaired first before the waterproofing is done. Fix damaged spots to cover up any areas where water can enter. The sealing effect of your waterproofing material will also work better if it is applied to a damage-free surface. Marking the areas where you see damage will make it easier to find it and do some repair work. Make sure the damage is completely fixed before your start waterproofing.
    3. Tape it. Seam tape is used to cover up any seams on your roof be the base of your waterproof system. Using it will help the application of your waterproofing system to be seamless. Roofing contractors do this to make it easier to apply the materials. Heat tape is also applied to the gutters (gutter maintenance) on your roof if you live in a cold-weather area. This keeps ice and snow from forming on top of the roof keeping it sturdy even throughout the raining season.
    4. Apply it. The application of a water repellent layer is crucial in the waterproofing of your home. These layers will ensure that no water will leak inside the roof keeping it from entering your home. A reliable roof contractor will be able to suggest a waterproofing material that could work for your home or building. They should be able to conduct a proper assessment of your roofing system to know what waterproofing system would work best.

    Tips about Waterproofing

    Waterproofing a flat roof

    Flat roofs are easy to waterproof with a liquid waterproofing system which you can direct your roofing contractor to use. Doing the steps outlined above will ensure that the waterproofing will be a success and you won’t worry about any water leaks in the future.

    Characteristics of the membrane to use

    The resins used for a flat roof waterproofing jobs are usually made of rubber resins such as polyurethane or acrylic. These materials can be a coating that will be covering the entire surface of your roof. They are flexible and elastic enough when the temperatures drop below zero. There are also products that have a UV reflection technology to keep heat out.

    How much does it cost to waterproof a flat roof?

    Common estimates peg an average waterproofing job to cost around $100 per square meter of your flat roof. These numbers can change depending on the price of the material/membrane used, rate of the contractor, and the labour costs.

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